Since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy officials within the intelligence community have been working non-stop to undermine him. We witnessed this throughout the election, whenever Trump was on the upper hand a leak would occur in order to do maximum damage to his campaign. These leaks only continued after Trump one. The biggest of these leaks was by far the fabricated story of ‘pissgate,’ where not only information about the report was leaked but the actual documents as well.

Now that Trump is in office they will stop at nothing to remove him. They learnt from the election that direct attacks on Trump don’t stick, the effect on him and his support is minimal. So they have changed tactics.
If they can’t remove the head they will cripple the body. This is a multiple angle assault.
In order to stop Trump consolidating his power around him Democrats in the house and the senate are using every tool available to them to delay the formation of Trump’s cabinet. This will have a two prong effect. First, Trump is unable to enact policies that disrupt the Washington status quo, second, Trump is seen as a president who does not fulfill his campaign promises, thus eroding his public support.
Whilst this is occurring a coalition of the main stream media led by CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, are continuing to wage their anti-Trump propaganda campaign. By using a combination of real leaks and false stories they are able to paint themselves as credible, thus making more people believe their lies.
In conjunction with the media Hollywood and the celebrity establishment is working full-time to criticise Trump, again using their influence to erode Trump’s power base.

The forced resignation of Mike Flynn is simply the latest step in this campaign. By stating that Flynn, in the course of his job, had illegally discussed sanctions with Russia before the inauguration, the establishment sowed the seeds of doubt. Though it has been cleared that Mr Flynn broke no law the doubt sown into the administration and the public left no choice but for his resignation.
Make no mistake, this was a political kill shot. It has destroyed Flynn’s career and wounded the Trump administration in a time they cannot afford to be weak. No matter what happened this result was set in stone. If Flynn stayed that doubt would have been paraded by the media for the entire presidency, and like a cancer it would spread. Every decision made would be painted in an even worse light that what the media does already. Now Flynn’s gone it makes Trump’s judgement seem unpresidential, and it still leaves the remains of doubt. If Flynn might have been a Russian agent, why not anyone else?

Who can say what the next moves of the Deep State will be? What’s known beyond a doubt is that they will stop at nothing to remove Trump from power.

J.P.R. Campbell


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