As I sit here cradling my cup of coffee as if it were the elixir of life, which it might be, I’ve come to the conclusion that today is unlikely to be very productive.

So I meant to post part two of ‘The Case of Steve Bannon’ today but I might have to postpone that until tomorrow, when I’m officially awake with a full nights sleep under my belt. At present I feel more like a corpse on a spectrum of livingness.


I definitely fall somewhere between corpse and zombie at the present but perhaps I can be promoted to vampire later on today.

I’ve had the rough draft of part two since I made part one and decided that it would be best to break it into segments, I just need to edit and refine it into something that can be read without severe cranial bleeding.

Anyway, that concludes this brief service announcement. Be thankful you don’t have to read anymore of my dribble or you’d become as braid-dead as me.

J.P.R. Campbell


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