To quote the immortal Newman, “Tuesday has no feel,” and today I would have to agree. As I sit down to write my daily post I’m left not with that constipated-esque feeling of writers block, but more the lack of feeling in its entirety, and by coincidence I came across the Seinfeld scene that put it into perspective. Tuesday has no feel.

In a way I feel almost bad for Tuesday. Sure when you reach it you might think ‘hey, at least it’s not Monday,’ but whilst Monday is despised by many it does enjoy the fame that comes with it, I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a mug with ‘I hate Tuesdays’ on it.

The point is I don’t really know what to write today. I’ve got some ideas for tomorrow, and plenty of material for Sundays… but as for today I’m stumped. Perhaps something will come to me and I’ll write something later on, but for now I think I’ll kick back and relax.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely day, whoever you are and wherever you may be.

J.P.R. Campbell


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