The void of no-one knowing I exist that is, well… no-one knowing yet.

My name is Joseph Campbell and here is your prior warning.
This blog will serve as a written testament to my views of the world and the people residing on it, including myself. Reading it you will quickly come to a conclusion on what ‘side’ I’m on only to have that conclusion be blown out of the water and replaced by another which in due course will sink as well. My beliefs like all humans tend to be diverse, often confusing, and, try as I might to avoid it, on occasion plain contradictory.

If this blog alters your views, good. If it cements them, good. If it does nothing whatsoever, well… not as good but I hope you were at least entertained.

With that brief introduction, which has tactically told you nothing about me or what exactly this blog is about, I’m now going to run off, grab a late lunch and a cup of tea, and then we shall truly begin.

Joseph Campbell.


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